Sanguthurai Beach

Sanguthurai beach – An untouched palm-fringed sandy beach.

Sanguthurai an enchanting white sand beach surrounded by swaying palms with pristine blue water and away from crowd offers a perfect outing for peace and striking calm. And all that you only hear is the sound of huge waves pounding on the shore.
This beach is located at a short distance of around 9 km from Nagercoil, the administrative capital of Kanyakumari, and 16 km from Kanyakumari.

Sangu in Tamil means conch, which is that you can see a huge conch atop of black column in the middle of a T-point, just when you enter the beach. This structure was built during the Chola dynasty, one of the longest ruling dynasties in the history of Southern India. Another huge man-made conch can be found on the shore of this beach. There’s a four-story beach tower from where one can get a glimpse of sunset and a spectacular view of this palm-fringed sandy beach.

Evening at this beach is spectacular as one can get a view of Thiruvalluvar statue and Vivekananda Rock, both can be seen silhouetted against the evening sky. And the sunset in Sanguthurai makes the surroundings to glow in warm orange. This white sandy beach offers a perfect option for swimming but one has to be cautious as the tides here is bit high.


Although there is no option for a stay near this beach. But you can get a plenty of options to the nearest city i.e., Nagercoil which is just 9 km away from this beach. So the next time you visit Kanyakumari, plan for Sanguthurai if you like peace and tranquillity.



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