Trek to Malana

Trek to Malana – The village of taboos

  Malana is a small ancient village and is famous for the world’s best Hashish: “Malana Cream.” This village is situated at 2652 m above sea level, and this community is considered as one of the oldest democracies in the world. Malana is more of a village for backpackers and travelers and less for tourists.
There are various myths regarding the origin of the people. And they remained a secluded society for a long time without paying taxes to any of the rulers of India. The people of Malana believe they are descendent of Aryans. Some suggest that Malana was founded by the remnants of Alexander the Great’s army. People here speak Kanashi language and is not mutually intelligible with any of its neighborhood or any other languages and can be understood only by the villagers.
To reach here, one has to drive 21 km from Kasol. And after 8 km from Kasol, you will reach Jari and a diversion to Malana village, where you also find a Hydel project crossing the Parvati river on your way. One can also reach here from Parvati valley by trekking across Rasol Pass, also from Chanderkhani Pass. But the easiest way to reach Malana is from Jari. While reaching to the point, you need to park your vehicle and trek to about 3 km. Initially, of about half km you need to step down through the trail, and you reach the river bed of Malana river. The water isn’t steep and crossing the bridge, there’s a steady ascent. The trail is well built and is wide concrete steps.

The moment you enter the village you’ll find sign boards, which clearly says not to touch any wall or anything. And there is a sacred temple also, Jamlu Devta Temple. The Malanis (inhabitant of Malana) consider all non-Malanis to be inferior and visitors must pay attention and should not touch the walls of the temple or anything. If this occurs, the villagers need to sacrifice or slaughter a lamb, and the visitor has to pay the forfeit sum.  You can roam, interact with people but can’t touch anything.
You’ll get some basic options for accommodation and food in this village.

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