Rafting in Rishikesh

White water rafting in Rishikesh – Complete details of Rafting Stretches and Rapid Grades.

Rishikesh is equally popular for pilgrimage as well as for adventure sports.  Rishikesh, A host to many adventure junkies offers many adventure sports like river rafting, bungee jumping, camping, cliff jumping, kayaking, flying fox, giant swing, hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, air safari and much more. Further while camping one can indulge in sports like volleyball, badminton, cricket, musical chair, campfire and much more. This post is completely focused on the insights into white water rafting.

Rishikesh offers a perfect white water rafting experience no matter whether an adventurer is a novice or an expert. And the thrill is raised to another level by the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. Rafting in Rishikesh begins from different points. And there are mainly four stretches for rafting. Adventurer chooses the suitable stretch depending on the expedition time and journey they want to give to this exhilarating activity.


Grades of Rapids in Rishikesh:

Based on the level of challenges and risk factors, the rafting rapids are categorized into various grades.  As per the international scale of river difficulty, there are six grades of rapids in white water rafting. Rishikesh offers up to Grade IV rapid.

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The names of major rapids in Rishikesh:

Most of the rapids in Rishikesh have been given exciting names as per their nature.

  • Initiation (Grade 1)
  • Black Money (Grade 1)
  • Sweet Sixteen (Grade 1)
  • Body Surfing (Grade 1)
  • Club House (Grade 2)
  • Double Trouble (Grade 2)
  • Hilton (Grade 2)
  • Terminator (Grade 2)
  • Shivpuri Rapid (Grade 2+)
  • Three Blind Mice (Grade 3)
  • Cross Fire (Grade 3)
  • Roller coaster (Grade 3)
  • Golf Course (Grade 3)
  • Return to Sender (Grade 3)
  • Daniel’s Dip (Grade 3+)
  • Eddie Whirlpool (Grade 4)
  • The Great Wall (Grade 4+)


Rafting Stretches in Rishikesh

The main course of rafting in Rishikesh commences from Kaudiyala, which is at distance of 40 km by road from Rishikesh. And the rafting distance is 36 km from Kaudiyala to Laxman Jhoola in Rishikesh.

In Major, there are four stretches in Rishikesh for white water rafting:


Brahmapuri to Rishikesh

Rafting Distance: 9 km.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hrs.

Major Rapids:  Initiation (I), Sweet Sixteen (I), Body Surfing (I), Terminator (II), Hilton (II) and Double Trouble (II).

Brahmapuri is the nearest point for rafting in Rishikesh and offers Grade I and II rapids. This stretch is best for all the novices who are a bit scared of rapids. The rapids in this stretch are of mild in nature and one feels more like boating. This stretch is a suitable option for kids, elders, and families.



Rafting Distance: 16 km.

Duration: 3 to 3.5 hrs.

Major Rapids: Roller Coaster (III), Return to Sender (III), Club House (II) and Golf Course (III).

This stretch offers a great exhilaration with rapids of intermediate difficulty level. Shivpuri to Rishikesh Rafting is an ideal choice if you like some adventure and thrill. This stretch offers grade II and III rapids.


Marine Drive – Shivpuri – Brahmapuri – Rishikesh

Rafting Distance: 27 km.

Duration: 4.5 to 5 hrs.

Major Rapids: Black Money (I), Shivpuri (II+), Cross Fire (III), and Three Blind Mice (III).

This stretch comprising 14 rapids is completely thrilling and difficult one and offers grade I, II and III rapids with full of thrills and spills. Dangerous rocks, terrifying whirlpools, and longer and high irregular waves are the high points of this stretch. This stretch is recommended for all young adventure lovers as it covers most of the rapids.


Kaudiyala – Marine Drive – Shivpuri – Brahmapuri – Rishikesh

Rafting Distance: 36 km.

Duration: 6 to 7 hrs.

Major Rapids: The Great Wall (IV+), Eddy Whirlpool (IV), and Daniel’s Dip (III+).

This stretch is meant for those who love to go little far from the average. This stretch is action-packed and encompasses one of the most difficult rapid – The Great Wall, a grade IV rapid which needs tremendous precision, team effort, control and strength to overcome it. Rafting in this route requires a lot of energy to paddle for this long distance and previous experience of white water rafting is required.


Seasons for rafting in Rishikesh:

Except monsoon, which stretches from mid-June to September, rafting in Rishikesh is in huge demand. The months of February to May and then from mid-September to November witness the highest number of rafters.


Cost for Rafting in Rishikesh:

Costs vary from 300 to 1200 per head depending on the season and stretch you choose.


How to reach Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is 242 km from Delhi and approximately 24 km away from Haridwar, which is the nearest railway station. And the nearest airport is at Dehradun which is at distance of 45 km from Rishikesh.

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